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At Queen's University




The Queen’s Campus is always full of life: from

arts, entertainment, varsity athletics, volunteer

opportunities, and hundreds of clubs to get

involved with. No other university's school spirit

compares to ours! From events like Homecoming

and St. Patricks day, Queen’s students bleed

tricolor all year around. For more detailed

information on Student Life at Queen's University,

check out

The University is located on the Kingston waterfront, and was ranked as

one of the 5 greatest university towns by the BBC. With a population of

approximately 120,000, Kingston has small university town feel with the 

diversity of a large city, and has one of the highest number of restaurants

per capita of any city in Canada. It is also located within a three hour radius

from Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, making weekend trips a breeze as it is

easily accessible by car, bus, train, and by air. Kingston, much like the rest

of Canada, experiences all four seasons to the fullest, allowing students to enjoy a wide range of activities and a beautiful change in scenery. For additional resources for things to do in the Kingston area, check out THIS LINK.






The Fall Semester can be an extremely weather variable four months. Beginning your semester by hanging out on the pier and tanning on your porch to an unexpected 2-foot snow storm in late November. Don’t be fooled by the 28 degree summer days at the beginning of your semester, and remember to pack your winter clothes!


As previously mentioned, Kingston experiences all four seasons to the fullest, allowing students to enjoy a wide range of activities. Queen’s student favorites include the scenic path on the waterfront, afternoon excursions to Rock Dunder, and enjoying the dramatic fall colors on campus. 

Orientation Week in September is packed with fun (and free!) activities and events around campus where you will be able to meet Queen's students as well as many of your fellow incoming exchange students! Homecoming (HOCO) in October is always a highlight of this semester, so be sure to bring your tricolor pride for this special weekend.


Be sure to check out our EVENTS page so you don't miss out on any of the action! 



Get ready for four months of snow, snow, more snow, and a whole lot of hot chocolate to keep you warm! The Winter Semester (for the most part) is a winter wonderland, so get ready to embrace the conditions and enjoy all that Kingston has to offer. Once the snow has melted, you may even catch a few hot sunny days between your exams!


The Queen's Campus and the Kingston area offers a wide range of activities for all students. Grab a few friends and cheer on one of our varsity teams, enjoy a featured performance at the Isabel Bader Centre, or experience a Canadian Classic and skate on an ODR (outdoor skating rink) which are located within walking distance of campus!

At Smith, there are a number of opportunities to network and get involved through one of many conferences. St. Patricks Day in March is definitely a highlight of this semester, and Reading Week in February is a perfect time for a getaway to neighboring cities like Ottawa and Toronto, which are just a short bus ride away! 

Be sure to check out our EVENTS page so you don't miss out on any of the action! 







"The Queen's experience is something I will never forget. During my time there, I was fortunate enough to be involved with the Women's Rugby Program. Through being part of the team I was able to experience first-hand the camaraderie and pride which is so prevalent within the culture at Queen's. Coming from New Zealand we don't have events such as Homecoming or celebrate Halloween in nearly the same fashion, so being at Queen's allowed me to experience things that I could never have done at home. I encourage anyone thinking about going on an exchange to seriously consider Queen's. My exchange has been the highlight of my time at university and I only wish I could have stayed longer!"



"It is Queen’s amazing sense of community that really made my year here so special. All of the people that I met were so welcoming, and from my first week I got a sense of belonging that continued to increase throughout the year, leading me to forget at times that I was actually on exchange. There are so many different clubs, projects and activities to become involved with, both on and off campus, especially with the many different weekend trips that ETC organizes. This last year has been filled with an incredible amount of happy, hilarious and unforgettable memories and they are all down to the people that I met within the Queen’s community."

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