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The Smith School of Business is a unique learning experience that enhances student learning inside and outside the classroom. With class sizes less than 80 people, the intimate setting fosters class engagement and free discussion. As an incoming exchange student from various educational backgrounds, we understand the transition to a new schooling structure may be difficult. As a result, we have provided the following tips on how to adjust to working in groups, staying organized and how to get involved outside of the classroom.

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The Smith School of Business has a strong focus on having students work in teams for the majority of their course assessments. As students coming from universities across the world, you may or may not have experience with team-based projects. Attending the Smith School of Business for your international exchange provides you the opportunity to work in teams with people from a diverse set of experiences, education and skills. To help your transition to working in team-based projects, we have devised the following tips for success:

  • Start off by getting to know your group members before jumping into the work; it makes working together much easier and more enjoyable!

  • Don’t be afraid to use your unique experiences when problem solving as a team - they never fail to spark creative thinking in the group

  • As a team, create a schedule for completing the project to ensure the group has a clear understanding of important deadlines

  • Be willing to build your skills by taking on tasks you may not have a lot of experience with 

  • Rather than creating conflict when group members’ opinions differ, use it as an opportunity to understand different ways of thinking 


The Queen’s Commerce Society (COMSOC) has over 18 conferences and 33 committees that welcome exchange and Queen’s students to get involved. Getting involved in Queen’s extracurricular is yet another way to make the most of your exchange experience. Throughout the school year, COMSOC committees and conferences organize networking events, workshops, information sessions and much more. This year, ETC will be partnering with select conferences to send interested exchange students to. Conferences are a great opportunity to network with industry specific companies, practice your case competition skills and get to know fellow peers in commerce. Visit the COMSOC website to learn more about the types of conferences and committees our school has. If you see a committee/ conferences that interests you, let us know so that was can work to get you involved!


Stay tuned for more information on conference partnerships and exclusive opportunities with COMSOC committees.


While on exchange, you will have an endless opportunity to explore the sites and cities of Canada. We at ETC understand the challenge of balancing school and travel. With this in mind, ETC is dedicated to helping you stay organized during your time at Smith School of Business. The following are tips on how to ensure your academic success while on exchange:

  • Manage your time effectively: Attend ETC Study Hall to keep yourself on track with completing course work

  • Outline your deliverables at the beginning: When you receive your course syllabi during the first week of school, outline all of the deliverables for the semester in a calendar. This way, you have a high level idea of when you will have free time to travel.

  • Study with friends: Studying with friends is a great way make studying more enjoyable. A great resource that all commerce students enjoy is booking Goodes Hall breakout rooms to study in with a group of people.

Tips from fellow Commerce students...

"Find a group of students to study with. Collaboration is a great strategy when problem-solving!"

- Miki Kawano, 3rd year




Goodes Hall

You can grab a coffee and sit in the Goodes Commons (out in front of Starbucks), or book a group study room for a quieter study space. Book rooms HERE.


Common Ground Cafe

Located on the second floor of the Athletics and Recreation Centre (ARC), Cogro is a popular study spot with lots of seating, outlets, as well as coffee and snacks on the go. If you’re looking for a quieter space, try the study space directly located above Cogro.  

Libraries: Lederman Law, Stauffer, Douglas

For those that need minimal distraction, quieter study spaces and individual cubicles, these libraries have it all. During exam season they are popular spots, so make sure to get there early to secure a seat!

Beamish-Munro Hall

The Engineering building has plenty of study space equipped with outlets. Check out the Tea Room located on the first floor for a coffee and a treat.

Downtown Cafes

Try studying in one of these study spots for a change in scenery off campus and to explore the downtown of Kingston.

     - Crave Coffee House                      - Balzacs

     - Coffee and Company                    - The Common Market

     - Starbucks                                        - The Small Batch Ca 


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